Wonderfully Different, Wonderfully Me

Wonderfully Different, Wonderfully Me


April 2018, I purchased A Beautiful Girl at a little local bookstore. Our girls loved the book! They enjoyed looking at pictures of cute little girls who each have different colors of hair, eyes, skin, as well as different personalities. My girls would say, “I am this girl!” and “you’re that girl,” and “this girl reminds me of a friend.”

I was especially touched by the page featuring a little girl who has cancer.

Inspired by that page, I reached out to the author, Nikki Rodgers, and asked, “have you thought of writing a book featuring children who have different special needs and focusing on the positive characteristics about them?”

She responded,

“I am not very familiar with that world, perhaps God is calling you to write the book that is on your heart?”

– Nikki

So much for that idea… I did not feel qualified to write such a book either. That was the end of that. So I thought. 

I had bought various hearing-aid theme books for our daughter, but none of them showed her style of BAHA hearing aids, so my husband encouraged me create a solution by writting our family’s story. Over the course of a couple years, I wrote Asha’s Little Ears, the story of when our daughter got her BAHA hearing aids. 

By the end of 2020, I was finally in the process of publishing Asha’s Little Ears, when the “Born Different” video came out, featuring our family.

After watching the video, my publishing coach called and said, “Asha’s Little Ears is a great book, but your family has a bigger message, something for everyone who is Born Different, and you need to write that book.”

I did not like that idea, because it meant starting over. After working on Asha’s Little Ears for over 2 years, I kind of wanted to publish the book I had already finished.

Then I remembered my conversation with Nikki, and I knew now is the time to write the book which God had put on my heart almost 3 years ago.

Over the course of the next few months, I watched YouTube videos, read books, and interviewed friends whose children are born different. Those children inspired the characters in my new book and brought them to life.

Wonderfully Different, Wonderfully Me, features a diverse group of children, including my daughter who wears BAHA hearing aids, her super sibling sister, and several of our friends. 

Wonderfully Different, Wonderfully Me

Wonderfully Different, Wonderfully Me celebrates each child’s unique strengths, and promotes inclusion, acceptance and friendship.

My goal in writing Wonderfully Different, Wonderfully Me, is for all children to be able to see themselves in at least one of the characters, whether they look similar, or have the same interests or personality. 

Reading Wonderfully Different, Wonderfully Me will encourage children to find what they have in common with others and to embrace what makes them, and others, wonderfully unique.

wonderfullymebooks.com Wonderfully Different, Wonderfully Me

November 2020, I held a copy of Wonderfully Different, Wonderfully Me, in my hands, and by the end of December over 230 books had been mailed to families across the USA and Canada.

Wonderfully Different, Wonderfully Me is available exclusively on my website: WonderfullyMeBooks.com 

Each Hardcover book includes these FREE Bonuses: 

  • One Keepsake Magnet (3.5″ x 2″)
  • One Beautifully Illustrated Sticker (3″ x 2″)
  • The Complete Digital Reading Experience (website link is in the book)
  • One Creativity-Boosting Printable PDF Coloring Book (sent to your e-mail)
Wonderfully Different, Wonderfully Me

There’s also an optional add-on item:

  • Interactive Sticker Scene with all the characters from the book.
Wonderfully Different, Wonderfully Me

This beautiful hardcover book, Wonderfully Different, Wonderfully Me, is available exclusively on my website. Order your copy today at WonderfullyMeBooks.com



My hope is to in inspire and encourage you on your journey to raise healthy, thriving families in spite of the challenges life may bring...Sharing our adventure of navigating parenting and homeschool with the added challenges of TCS  -- A hard of hearing husband & daughter -- Surgeries -- Speech Therapy --  Learning Sign Language --

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