Well, that’s different…

Well, that’s different…

When did your child first notice that they are “different”?

I have heard stories of that moment when a child asks about their own little ears or wonders, “why do I have a hearing aid?”

I have been waiting to see if my own daughter will even needs to ask. Our family is unique in that my husband and our 2nd daughter have BAHAs. Also I make and sell softbands for children who wear BAHAs. Whenever anyone asks what my job is, that leads to explaining how the Baha works and showing them my husband’s Baha on the abutment, and then explaining how my daughter’s softband holds her Pontos.

Softbands and hearing aids are everyday topic of conversation in our home, as our world seems to revolve around BAHA’s. So much so, that Big Sister is jealous because she only has headbands but no hearing aid. 

So I’ve wondered, will my daughter someday realize she’s “different,” or does she already know? But as it turns out, she wants to know: why is my Mama different?

This past weekend, we went out for Dinner and Ice Cream for Dada’s birthday. Afterwards, we sat on the grassy yard by the restaurant, letting the kids run off all that sugar. PipSqueak took a break to sit next to me. Looking at me thoughtfully, she began to ask…

“Mama, when you was a kid, do you has a headban?” 

“yeah,” I answered, “I wore headbands sometimes. just like I do now.”

PipSqueak tapped her Pontos, “wis 2 hearing aids like me?”

“No, honey I’ve never had hearing aids.”

PipSqueak looked confused, “Oh. But how is you hearing?”

“Um. I hear through my ears,” I explained, “I have ear drums, so I don’t need a Baha hearing aid.”

PipSqueak looked at me like I’m crazy, hearing through the ears, without a hearing aid? That’s unheard of! She looked over at Dada, “Dada has a hearing aid and no headban. Did Dada hab a headban when he was a kid?”

Dada joined the conversation, “I didn’t have a headband, I had a backpack.”

When Dada was kid, his hearing aid was so big, he wore it like a backwards backpack on his belly. Fortunately, technology has come a long way, and now kids get to wear a little tiny hearing aid on a cute softband, which is much nicer looking then Dada’s “backpack” hearing aid. 

So there we have it folks, my daughter has noticed that Mama is different, and thinks it’s a bit strange that I do not have a hearing aid.



My hope is to in inspire and encourage you on your journey to raise healthy, thriving families in spite of the challenges life may bring...Sharing our adventure of navigating parenting and homeschool with the added challenges of TCS  -- A hard of hearing husband & daughter -- Surgeries -- Speech Therapy --  Learning Sign Language --

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