Manage Those Feedback Squeals

Manage Those Feedback Squeals

One of the reasons we choose the Oticon Ponto hearing aid, is it has less issues with feedback squeals. But my daughter’s Ponto still did squeal a bit. Friends shared videos of their children wearing a hat over their BAHS and no squealing. But my daughter’s Ponto’s squealed. Other families said their Ponto’s squeal more when using the Button Block with custom softbands. 

Finally, someone shared a solution: Ask your audiologist to run the “feedback manager.” At our next audiology appointment, I made the request. But our audiologist said “no.” She was afraid that doing so would “lower the gain on important speech sounds.” 

A few months later, my daughter had a head-cold. When she is not feeling well, she does not like to wear her headband. The problem is either the pressure on her head, or the noise. Either way, I do not blame her. I do not want to wear glasses when my sinus are congested.

After that head-cold, my daughter was having a hard time getting back in the habit of wearing her softband all day. She likes to wear hats, which causes feed-back squeals, so she kept taking her BAHA off. I made another appointment with audiology. Again I asked about running the feed-back manager. Again our audiologist expressed concern that doing so would “lower the gain on important speech sounds.” I shared, “she does not like to wear her BAHA for more than a couple hours a day, so wouldn’t it be better for her to wear it all day, every day, even if she is missing important speech sounds?” Our audiologist agreed, and ran the feed-back manager. She was delighted to discover that doing so had zero effect on important speech sounds. Now PipSqueak can wear hats and hoodies, with no squealing. 



My hope is to in inspire and encourage you on your journey to raise healthy, thriving families in spite of the challenges life may bring...Sharing our adventure of navigating parenting and homeschool with the added challenges of TCS  -- A hard of hearing husband & daughter -- Surgeries -- Speech Therapy --  Learning Sign Language --

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