Cleaning Your BAHA Abutment

Cleaning Your BAHA Abutment

A friend asked if my husband still has issues with crusties around the BAHA abutment. Unfortunately, yes, there are screws sticking out of his scull. For him, crusties are normal. Just like earwax is normal for those of us who have real ears. The crusties smell a bit like ear wax and can smell as bad when an earring gets infected.

Duane has a few abutment screws to keep clean. One for his BAHA, as well as multiple screws with magnetic caps to hold his prosthetic ears. Originally the surgeon implanted 3 screw for each ear. One of the screws didn’t set, so Duane had a total of 5 screws. Then, 15 years later, one of the screws got infected and came out. So now he is down to 2 screws for each ear. But that’s still enough to keep his ears on, to hold his glasses.

The abutment for Duane’s BAHA, rarely has issues. However, the abutments for his ears regularly have a crusty build-up, which need cleaned every few days.

He used to daily clean all of the abutments with a soft brush, like this one, which is meant for flossing teeth and cleaning around braces. The brush needs to be soft and no added mint flavor. Last time Duane got new ears made, the doctor said the skin around the abutments look very irritated, from over-cleaning. The doctor said to only use a brush like that, no more than once a week. To instead use something more soft like q-tips or a small makeup brush. And do not use peroxide, as it can kill healthy skin.

Now Duane just cleans the abutments with a dry tissue. But don’t tissues leave lint behind? Duane says it needs to be soft and gentle. Which makes me think of a baby wipe. One with no added chemicals, like the Water Wipes, which are just water and a bit of grape seed extract.

One of my Essential Oil friends made a homemade salve with witch-hazel to clean her son’s abutment. I would love to find or create a cleansing and moisturizing lotion concoction which Duane could use for the dry irritated skin under his ears.

Do you have an advice or ideas for keeping your abutment clean?? Comment below or send me a message…

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