3 Types of Speciality Softbands for Bone Anchored Hearing Aids (BAHA), and where to buy them.

3 Types of Speciality Softbands for Bone Anchored Hearing Aids (BAHA), and where to buy them.

3 Types of Speciality Softbands for Bone Anchored Hearing Aids (BAHA), and where to buy them.

We could spend our whole lives trying to fix our “flaws” to fit in with the crowd. However, I prefer to teach my daughters to be confident and proud of who they are. Because it is the differences, which make us each unique and special.

Our daughter’s surgeon talked about “minimizing her differences” through surgery to construct cheek-bones. As well doing a Baha implant, so her hearing aid is hidden behind her hair, rather than worn on headband.

I can see why parents would want to ditch the headband. The bands from the manufacture looks very hospital-ish and uncomfortable. Not to mention they cost around $70 and have limited color options.

I believe the solution, is not surgery to “minimizing the differences,” but rather comes through the creativity of Moms, Aunts, and Friends. People who began adapting popular headband styles to accommodate Baha hearing aids. Now our children can enjoy wearing their hearing aids with pride, on headbands which are cute, comfortable, and affordable.

In a previous post, I shared the Top 4 Custom Elastic Softbands for Bone Anchored Hearing Aids (BAHA). But we are not limited to just the basic elastic softbands. Here are 3 Types of Speciality Softbands for Bone Anchored Hearing Aids (BAHA).

Brinson’s Bow Bowtique

Brinson’s Bow Bowtique is on Facebook. (I have not seen these in person). These unique headbands and bows are designed for style, comfort, and function.

Brinson’s Bow Bowtique offers a Braided Ribbon Headband. These have Braided Ribbon across the top and elastic in the back, for adjustable sizing. These can be made either O-ring Style to hold the Button Block Connector, or Velcro Style to hold the original block. I think this is an excellent option for a school-age girl who wants a trendy style headband, like what her friends are wearing. 

These headbands can be ordered on her facebook page by filling out an order form. Processing time depends on materials requested and if she has them in stock or has to order them. Estimate is 2 days.

Malinka (Based in the UK)

Malinka Hearing Aid Headbands have soft cotton fabric across the top, and elastic in the back, for adjustable sizing. There are headbands for all types of hearing aids, including BAHAs. These are only made using the velcro style to hold the original block.

As far as I know, this is the only headband maker who is based in the UK. Malinka Hearing Aid Headbands ship internationally, so I bought one for my daughter and she loves it!

The Baha Bowtique (Me)

Baha Bowtique offers Suede Braid softbands, which are slip-resistant. These have a soft faux suede braid across the top, and a matching color FOE in the back, for adjustable sizing. They are always sewn with coordinated color of thread, making them sturdy and durable, as well as aesthetically pleasing. 

I first started making Suede Braid headbands in 2009, while doing an internship in Costa Rica. Usually headbands do not stay on my head, but these ones stayed on great! 

When my daughter got her BAHA, I immediately began to modify my Braided Headbands to hold her hearing aid. Every day I let her choose which headband she wanted to wear, and she always picked the Suede Braid ones. For awhile these were the only headbands my daughter would wear.

Speciality Softbands for Bilateral Hearing Aids

All three types of speciality softbands are made with elastic across the back, for adjustable sizing. However, the top part is not adjustable, so it is challenging to get the sizing perfect so that both of hearing aids are in the correct spot. Also children’s heads are still growing, so they quickly outgrow a bilateral headband of these styles.

When my daughter got a 2nd hearing aid, I made bilateral Suede Braid headbands for her. It is tricky, but do-able to make for my own daughter, since I can try it on her head and sew it to the perfect size. However, my daughter’s head grew 1 inch in 8 months. Now the bilateral ones are too small, so her hearing aids are on top of her ears instead of behind her ears.

I do still make bilateral braided headbands for her, but for the most part she loves wearing elastic headbands, as long as they are backed with soft, non-slip velvet.  

Full Disclosure: I am the owner of The Baha Bowtique. This section has the most details, because I know the most about my own brand. I have over 30 colors of Suede in stock, so if you do not see what you are looking for, you can request a custom order of specific colors. Sign up to receive coupon-codes via e-mail. 

Becky TheBahaMama

Becky TheBahaMama

I spend my time making Custom Softbands and Accessories for Ponto, AdHear and Baha hearing devices. I am also a published author. I wanted our daughter to see herself represented in a story - a little girl who has facial differences and wears BAHA hearing aids. The book grew to include some of our friends who are all so wonderfully different. My first book, “Wonderfully Different, Wonderfully Me” features a diverse group of children and celebrates each child’s unique strengths. All children can see themselves in at least one of the characters, whether they look similar, or have the same interests or personality. "Wonderfully Different, Wonderfully Me" is the children's book that belongs in every household and classroom, to promote inclusion, acceptance, and friendship. Order your copt at: wonderfullymebooks.com

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