Go Potty, Get Chocolate

Go Potty, Get Chocolate

My favorite part about potty training, is I get to eat chocolate chips all day long! Because if I go potty, I get chocolate. If you go potty, you get chocolate.

This system worked great with my first child. It was a little tricky with the 2nd child. So I added: If Big Sis helps Little Sis go potty, than Big Sis gets chocolate too.

At first I gave Little Sis 1 chocolate chunk for going potty. Having a small jaw leads to lots of drooling. When she was a baby we used to go through 10 bibs a day. But drooling has been less of an issue now that she’s done teething. Apparently the chocolate chunk was a bit much for her little mouth, so pretty soon all her shirts had stains of chocolate streaks. So I switched to mini-chips. They are really small, so we practiced counting together, “1, 2, 3.”

Then we ran out of mini-chips, so I gave her 1 chocolate chunk. She counted with me, “1- hey! Where’s my 2, 3?” She had pooped on the potty, so I gave her 3 chocolate chunks. When she was done eating, she had a chocolate beard and streaks down her shirt. After that we tried just 1 big chocolate chunk, and no drooling.  So in progress of potty training, we have also seen great improvements in the area of not drooling. Woohoo!

The next step is to remove the chocolate treat from the equation. I thought going on vacation would help. Since I did not bring chocolate. Instead, she decided public restrooms were too scary, so we almost ran out of dry pants. I should have brought chocolate.



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