Shifting Focus Leads to Loving Life

Shifting Focus Leads to Loving Life

Something shifted in me this week. Suddenly I feel like I actually enjoy my life. Not that it was bad before. But mostly, I felt like I was just doing what needs done, without any goals or plans. Nothing to look forward to, because every day is the same.

The past couple months had several small shifts. I wrote out a detailed weekly schedule of what we do each day, which gave me clarity and direction. My Etsy store, The Baha Bowtique broke even and began making a profit, increasing my confidence. PipSqueak seems to be done with teething misery and is sleeping through the night, in her own bed, so I am sleeping better too.

A Shift in Focus

The biggest shift took place last Saturday. It was a shift in my focus.

At the Unlocking Creativity Workshop, Jason told a story about skiing. As he approached the tree-line, he was going too fast to stop. He saw a gap in the wall of trees, so he aimed for that. But he was focusing on the tree next to the gap, so he hit that tree. Moral of the story – what you focus on, is where you go.

For me, that translates: when I focus on negative things, I feel crappy. So if I shift my focus away from negativity, suddenly I love my life!

A person’s greatest gift can also their greatest weakness. One of my strengths is seeing what is wrong and fixing it. The frustration comes when I see what is wrong and just criticize. Maybe I can not fix it, or maybe it is not even my problem to fix.

Forgive and Forget

The workshop’s theme was Forgiveness, so at first I thought: maybe I needed to forgive again? But as I have been thinking about it all week, I realized, what I actually need is to “forget” – intentionally change my focus. 

I can not change the past. I can not fix a problem from years ago. But I can let go and move on.

IMG_8219I have been criticizing other’s mistakes as well as my own. Focusing on all the things which I do not want to repeat in my own life. But what I focus on, is what I end up doing. Or at least think that I’m doing – projecting the past onto my current reality. Assuming the same story will continue to play out the same way over and over.

So I already know what I do not want to do. Now I need to intentionally focus on what I do want to do.



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