Hugs and Hearing Aids

Hugs and Hearing Aids

PipSqueak was playing happily with her sister, when suddenly she tripped on a toy, and fell on her face. Bursting into tears, she ran to me, “Ma, ma, ma, ma.” She reached up, asking me to hold her. I picked her up and she laid her head on my shoulder.

Just kidding, comforting PipSqueak isn’t that easy anymore.

She used to always rest her right cheek on my left shoulder. Now she has a hearing aid on the right ear. If her hearing aid touches my shoulder, it gives her squeals of feedback. Not to mention it’s lumpy and uncomfortable.

Now when she needs a hug, I have to pick her up strategically. I make sure my left cheek is against her left cheek, so she can either rest her chin on my shoulder, or turn her head away, resting her left ear on my shoulder. 

I’ve often wondered, “what would we do, if PipSqueak needed a hearing aid on both ears?” We will find out soon enough. Well, not that soon, since health insurance can take pretty much forever to approve things like getting our own hearing aid. 

One of my first thoughts, when the audiologist said PipSqueak needs 2 hearing aids was, “How will I hug my little girl?” Getting yelled at by her hearing aid is not very comforting. 

While she does need two hearing aids, her hearing is significantly worse in the right ear. The ear which does not have a ear drum. No surprise there.

This further explains why she has always preferred to look left while sleeping. Good ear down, so it’s nice and quiet. She is a good sound sleeper in her quiet little world.

Soon enough this feisty little Lioness (and I) will be navigating the world of bi-lateral hearing aids.



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