Milk Making Quandry

Milk Making Quandry

Scenario #1

It’s morning, the baby is “squiging” (wiggling and sucking her fingers), and I need to make milk. Monkey is awake and eating breakfast with Dada. Should I:

A) Go out to the kitchen to warm a bottle for the baby, so I can feed her in the bedroom while making milk. Monkey will know I’m awake and want to come “help” me. Her climbing around bouncing the bed makes it impossible to feed the baby.

B) Make milk and hope the baby keeps sleeping. If she starts crying, Monkey will hear and come “help” us. Then I’ll have to talk Duane through how to warm a bottle for the baby.

C) Go to the kitchen, warm a bottle, make myself breakfast. That delays the milk-making by 20 minutes, but I can eat, while making milk in the kitchen, and feeding the baby.

Then I hear the words that create the perfect scenario. “Dada, I poopoo my diaper.” He takes Monkey to the bathroom to clean up and go potty. I sneak out to the kitchen and warm a bottle for the baby. So I can feed her while making milk in the bedroom, without Monkey knowing we are awake.

Scenario #2

We just walked in the door. Monkey & I are hungry. The baby is sleeping in her carseat. But any second she will wake up and be hungry too. All the extra milk is in the freezer. What do I do?

A) Thaw milk, which will probably take longer than pumping fresh milk.

B) Feed Monkey – enduring 10 mins of “I want this, no dat! Green bowl, no blue one!”

C) Spend 10 mins warming left-overs for me so I can eat while I make milk. Risking the baby waking up before I finish making milk.

D) Make milk immediately, while Monkey melts down in hunger and wakes the baby anyway. Then we are all cranky due to hunger.

It’s a no-win situation…

Becky TheBahaMama

Becky TheBahaMama

I spend my time making Custom Softbands and Accessories for Ponto, AdHear and Baha hearing devices. I am also a published author. I wanted our daughter to see herself represented in a story - a little girl who has facial differences and wears BAHA hearing aids. The book grew to include some of our friends who are all so wonderfully different. My first book, “Wonderfully Different, Wonderfully Me” features a diverse group of children and celebrates each child’s unique strengths. All children can see themselves in at least one of the characters, whether they look similar, or have the same interests or personality. "Wonderfully Different, Wonderfully Me" is the children's book that belongs in every household and classroom, to promote inclusion, acceptance, and friendship. Order your copt at:

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