I like Her Face

I like Her Face

After meeting our baby Lioness, our friend’s 3 year old son told his mama he wanted a baby. She asked “do you want a baby brother or sister?” He answered, “I want baby Ah-sha-sha.” So his mama asked, “what do you like about her?” He responded, “I like her face.”

For the past 4 months we’ve had countless friends comment on how baby Lioness is such a miracle and she’s so beautiful.

Sometimes even a complete stranger will say, “what a cute baby.” I wonder if they noticed she looks a bit different. But maybe they do not know what to say or how to ask. I want to explain. But I don’t want to always introduce her as “this is my daughter, she has TCS…” So if people don’t seem to notice or at least don’t ask, I don’t point it out. At least not right away. As I get to know people, eventually they will get to hear the whole story. 

I’ve started to think maybe the big dimples under her eyes (where her cheekbones should be) are not that obvious. When I look at her, I don’t notice these things anymore. I just see the face of my beautiful little Lioness.



My hope is to in inspire and encourage you on your journey to raise healthy, thriving families in spite of the challenges life may bring...Sharing our adventure of navigating parenting and homeschool with the added challenges of TCS  -- A hard of hearing husband & daughter -- Surgeries -- Speech Therapy --  Learning Sign Language --

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