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We are searching for the right artist for a children’s book!
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Make an impact by sharing your art!

We are searching for an artist to illustrate our first children’s book
Asha’s Little Ears”.

In order to do so, we are running a contest!

Your Art Will Touch Hearts and Families Around The World

The audience is primarily parents of children who wear Baha hearing aids. Generally also having some sort of birth syndrome such as:

Discovering a child has hearing loss, along with craniofacial abnormalities and other health challenges, affects not only the children, but also their parents, siblings, and even their classmates at school.

So we are writing this simple children’s book as a wonderful resource to inspire and champion these families.

Hi, I’m The Baha Mama

I am well known in the world of Bone Anchored Hearing Aids (BAHA), through my Blog:, where I share advice and stories, in hopes to inspire and encourage families to thrive in spite of the challenges life may bring.

As well as my Etsy shop,, providing affordable custom softbands and accessories for BAHA wearers.

My husband and our younger daughter wear Bone Anchored Hearing Aids (BAHA) and have facial abnormalities, same as the main character in the Movie/Book “Wonder.” Dada can even take his ears off!

There are a few children’s books about hearing aids, but we cannot find any with pictures of the BAHA hearing aid, nor of children who have unique facial features. So we are sharing our story in the form of a children’s book called “Asha’s Little Ears.”

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The Contest

1. Each contestant is to illustrate one sample picture based on the current draft of the book. By providing several of our family photos and inspiration to begin this journey, you should have adequate examples.

2. Each sample submitted will be shared with our audience at least 1 time…
…more likely multiple with @ mentions and attribution to the artist and a suggestion to follow.

3. I will present each piece of art on our social media, along with polls to gauge audience response…
… and to gain publicity for the project.

Choosing the contest winner, will be ultimately up to my husband and I.

We are not looking for any particular art style, other than we want it to connect with kids and parents alike and inspire hope 🙂 something cute and fun which shows Asha’s hearing aid and unique facial features.

* For consistency throughout the book, I’d love for Big Sis (Zoe) to appear preschool-age and always have 2 pig-tails, while Little Sis (Asha) is a toddler with 1 little “fountain” pigtail on top of her little head.

* Dada has 1 Baha on the left side, which we could make a bit more visible. I attached a picture of his preferred hair style, which also shows his scar-line.

* Dada and Asha have small lower jaw and “dimples” below their eyes where they are missing a bit of cheek bone.

* Mama has dreadlocks 🙂

* You Can Read The First Draft Here: “Asha’s Ears”

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